Handmade kitchens, bespoke furniture & furniture restoration

Anselm Fraser Furniture has been designing handmade kitchens and bespoke furniture, and doing antique furniture restoration for over 25 years. Based in East Lothian near Edinburgh, our team of expert bespoke kitchen and furniture makers has over 100 years of combined experience in cabinet making.

Our bespoke furniture design business operates alongside the Chippendale International School of Furniture (founded in 1985), one of the UK’s leading furniture schools.

All our wood is sourced locally from Scottish timber which is cut and dried here by us. We have plenty of beautiful indigenous timber full of character, including beech, oak, sycamore, olive ash, elm and Scots pine.

Bespoke kitchens and bespoke furniture

So if you want a unique, modern look from a handmade kitchen or need some bespoke hand-built furniture, we can certainly help you. Our friendly, professional team can also lovingly restore your damaged antique furniture.

As traditional cabinet makers, no task is too big, small, complex or odd for us to consider. If you think we can help you, please do not hesitate to call me on 01620 810680 or email us.

Furniture Restoration

Despite living in a ‘throw-away society’, furniture restoration still has a legitimate place. After all, why avoid using a damaged piece of antique furniture or throw out something of historical or sentimental value when a furniture restorer can fix it up for a reasonable price?


Bespoke Furniture

When you engage a cabinet maker to make some furniture, you are commissioning something highly individual. It is guaranteed to fit into and complement any space you want; you take true ownership of bespoke furniture, because it is exclusively your design and your taste.


Bespoke Kitchens

Our aim is to create handmade kitchens that last several lifetimes and transform your home. That’s why we hand craft each panel to ensure that the finished product is functional, dependable and enduring.



Any commission will typically begin with a meeting with Anselm either here in the workshop, at Myreside between Haddington and Gifford, or in your home. Here you will be able to explain the brief in person and get a feel for how and where the piece will be made.