Bespoke Furniture Maker

Three reasons to commission bespoke furniture

Unique furniture

When you engage a cabinet maker to make some furniture, you are commissioning something highly individual. It is guaranteed to fit into and complement any space you want; you take true ownership of bespoke furniture, because it is exclusively your design and your taste.

High quality furniture

Handmade furniture made by experienced woodworkers tends to be of exceptional quality, and here at Anselm Fraser Furniture we employ some of the best furniture makers in the business. With our furniture there is no need to worry about it falling apart like some ready-to-assemble furniture. The simple fact is that bespoke furniture from Anselm Fraser is for life. The ready-to-assemble stuff may be cheaper, but, to quote Aldo Gucci:

“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.”

Some of our most popular commissions are Welsh dressers, display cabinets, desks and bookcases.

Value for money furniture

And while we’re on the subject of price; no, bespoke furniture is not cheap. But consider this: by coming direct to the producer, Anselm Fraser Furniture, there is no retailer mark-up; you get what you pay for. So for your highly original, extremely durable furniture, you effectively pay a trade price.

Handmade Scottish Furniture near Edinburgh

Anselm Fraser Furniture is a company of traditional cabinet makers that make truly bespoke furniture. We hand craft furniture using locally harvested wood, cut and dried here. We believe there is still a place in the modern world for a local business to offer quality handmade furniture.