• Restored antique table

Furniture restoration: preserving history

Despite living in a ‘throw-away society’, furniture restoration still has a legitimate place. After all, why avoid using a damaged piece of antique furniture or throw out something of historical or sentimental value when a furniture restorer can fix it up for a reasonable price?

Here at Anselm Fraser Furniture we provide an antique furniture restoration service. We are friendly and efficient with an excellent track record of restoring furniture and injecting new life into valuable heirlooms.

Antique furniture restoration without destroying character

At Anselm Fraser Furniture we know that furniture restoration is not about making your funiture look brand spanking new.

We understand that the little bumps, knocks and scratches give each piece its individual character. In fact, this is known as the ‘patina’. So when we restore furniture, we ensure that we do what needs to be done to bring it back to life without compromising the integrity or antiquity of the piece.

Our skilful craftsmen teach furniture restoration courses to students at our Furniture School. It is this sort of knowledge and ability that makes Anselm Fraser Furniture one of the leading furniture restorers in the country.