Sustainable Scottish Furniture Makers using Scottish Hardwoods

As cabinet makers we are extremely aware that without wood our business could not exist. We therefore take great interest in conservation and sustainable harvesting. We buy all our timber from sustainable sources within a 25 mile radius of the workshop and so all our handmade kitchens and bespoke furniture commissions are made from local Scottish hardwoods.

We cut, dry and store beautiful indigenous timber full of character here at Myreside, including beech, oak, sycamore, olive ash, elm and Scots pine. So, you can pick and choose from our extensive stock of local woods.

Treepresents are ‘Good Presents’

We also have our own tree planting programme and a sister business designed to encourage people to plant trees (so for an alternative gift, please visit

Other Environmental Interests

Anselm also takes a personal interest in the environment. Since 1983 he has converted a run-down steading into a bustling rural enterprise consisting of about 35 people. As he points out, these people live and work in a local community instead of commuting to Edinburgh. The steading’s plumbing is supported by a reed bed system and Anselm has also been experimenting with straw bale construction at the Centre for Alternative Technology and here at Anselm Fraser Furniture.

Anselm is also proud to support the Prince’s Rainforest Project (